Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's Miller Time

This is going to be a post about my husband who would kill me if I used his real name.  Let's think of a new one, shall we? Hmmm.. What do I think of when I think of the love of my life and father of my children.....Miller!  From here on out it will be Miller, believe me he will appreciate the reference. 

  In our house June is better known as "The Month of Miller".  The 6th month of the year marks Miller's birthday, our wedding anniversary and the special holiday on which he is recognized for being the "big daddy" of our house (thanks to D for the nickname!). To honor Miller I decided to write a post about him.

35 years ago this month, Miller was welcomed to the world.  During this time he has suffered several concussions, sparked a hazmat scare and honed his sarcasm on men, women and small children. 

March of this year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of our first date.  Actually, it is the anniversary of our second date but we call it our first because the real first involved St. Patrick's Day, Irish car bombs, homemade puffy paint t-shirts and a drinking binge that started at 8am.  Since I only have a Guinness-tinted recollection of that first date in which I am amazingly sober after 12+  hours of drinking Miller prefers that we consider the next date our first.  I don't understand why, that first one was freaking awesome.  Anyway, back to that first/second date.  He picked my up from my apartment (in a neighborhood he later told me he was afraid to drive into?!?), took me to an expensive restaurant, ate grilled calamari despite his hot dog loving palate and drank beer out of glass to impress me.  What's a girl not to love?

Somehow Miller snagged me and we dated for 6 years.  It was not the other way around, contrary to popular belief.  We lived together for most of these 6 years and did all of those cute things couples do.  We had dinner parties, deck parties, New Year's Eve parties, going away parties and "hey its a day that ends in y" parties. Most of these resulting in me sleeping on a floor, attempting to rap or toilet papering the inside of the house while Miller cleaned up the empties and made sure everyone had a ride home.  What a catch! 

After 6 years we were married, adding a second celebration to the Month of Miller.  Yes, of course it was a very special day, beautiful setting, etc. etc.  But, more importantly we had an open bar, a dance line, a hot dog machine and some cake in the face smashing.  All in all....AMAZING!

1 and 1/2 years later we had become a family of three and Miller got to add Father's Day to his Month of Miller festivities.  A day that must include golf, beer and hot dogs.  He is a simple man with simple taste I tend to cater to. 

Fast forward to today and Miller is preparing to celebrate being a father to 2 monkeys, the big 3-5 and our 5th wedding anniversary. 

To the man who has given me his all, cleaned up that time I toilet papered the inside of the house and been an amazing father to our children I have one thing to say..............It's Miller Time!  Happy Month of Miller, baby!


  1. That was one of the best, most well thought out, inspiring, endearing, pieces of literature that I have ever read. BRAVO

    This blog keeps getting better and better with each entry

  2. Wow! This wouldn't have anything to do with you being the subject matter would it, Miller?