Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer's Start

It's been pretty quiet over here at Monkey Momma, here's what the G's have been up to:

S has learned to make noise....and lots of it.  I am convinced that I am incapable of creating a quiet child. She also has started to eat cereal and put on some of that super-cute baby fat.  Ladies at the grocery store exclaim "How cute! I just love those chubby cheeks and thighs".  Just last week I realized they were not talking about me and my super-cute post-partum fat.  DAMN! 

D started a new form of communication. It includes screaming things like, "OH YEAH! OH YEAH!  WHO MADE YOU THE BOSS?".  At this rate, age 15 should be fun.  It also includes having split personality-like conversations with herself and making up words and definitions like "slipper-sip-do".  What is a "slipper-sip-do"?  Why its the things builders use when they are building things for the princesses.  We also began a household chore chart a.k.a. "bribery board". Two days in and she is already trying to negotiate terms.  Last week started swimming lessons and she took to them like a fish, next week starts soccer and lets hope she takes to that like Beckham.  Although with her  ability to walk in to walls and hurt herself putting on socks I am a bit nervous. 

A went on a 4 day golf trip where I am pretty sure all he did was drink beer, eat cheeseburgers and get fanned with grape leaves.  The amazing wife that I am, I completely understand that this was a "career move".  My next "career move" will involve a trip to a caribbean island inhabited only by Jack Johnson and Jason Statham look-alikes.  Back from his trip, A is prepping for his start of a new job.  Preparations include staining the deck, mowing the grass and cleaning the gutters.  Or as I like to say "men's work".   I don't do things that involve outdoors or dirt.  I produced two children in the past 3 years- one of them was almost born outside and it is definitely dirty work so I totally pull my weight around here.

C has been up to her usual antics.  These include almost peeing on the babies head, eating curtains, hiding in the bathtub on windy days and setting a world record for the number of times you can pant during a thunderstorm.   The best we can hope for is this dog makes us some money when she is discovered to be the world's most broken dog. EVER.

Me? Well I continue to live the life of a domestic goddess.  Scrubbing floors, washing laundry, cooking dinner and creating ways to entertain small children all day.  I returned to physical therapy for my back and was reminded of the joys of being bent into compromising positions.  At least Anastasia got an amazing apartment and tons of money as part of the deal.  I got a t-shirt emblazoned with the physical therapy logo that shows off my gut and a $25 co-pay per visit.  Woop! Woop!  Summa, summa, summa-time!

I'm off to the kiddie pool....

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