Saturday, January 29, 2011

Out of the mouth of monkey...

The following is a collection of Delaneyisms from this weeks snow days. Enjoy!

-Sitting on the potty, Delaney points to mole on her belly and say "Look Mommy!  It's my nipple! Let me see your nipples!"

-I ask Delaney if she wants to go out in the snow, to which she responds  "No, its too cold.  I just a little girl.  It's too cold for little girls."

-Sitting at the dinner table and Michael Jackson comes on the radio.... "Mommy! You better tell Michael Jackson to get out here and eat dinner!".

-In our attempts to get rid of the pacifier Delaney may only have it when she goes to bed.  She is constantly trying to get her hands on one during the day..."I want binky!" "You are a big girl, what do you need binky for?"  "MY MOUTH!".  

-2 yr. old speech= "Sleeping Booty" instead of Sleeping Beauty

-In response to me singing along with the car radio, "Shhh Mommy! I sleeping!".  Hmm... nice way to tell me to be quiet kiddo!

 -Delaney ate green watercolor paint and an eye-opening diaper experience ensued.  I will spare the details, but can tell you that if you ask Delaney what happens when you eat green paint she responds "GREEN POOP!" quite proudly.

-Always the sharer and having recently discovered nose picking Delaney sticks her finger in her nose, pulls it out and says "Here Mommy, want some?".  Following my reaction I am not sure she will ever share with me again. 


-Always the studious 2 yr. old, I found Delaney in the bathroom "reading" Adam's copy of the Constitution (yes, we own a pocket-sized copy of the Constitution!). Her father was so proud!

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