Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Snow Day in the Life...

If you are not a teacher , you may not know that the people who most look forward to snow days are TEACHERS, not students.  I slept off and on last night- in between checking my school's website for the words "Schools are CLOSED for 10 month staff and students." encased in a bright red box under the masthead.  At 5:22 AM my wish was granted and I discovered I hadn't turned my pj's inside out for nothing. Hooray!  

 Not wanting to waste the day I decided today would be a potty training day.  That could ( and probably will) be a post in and of itself.  Delaney is constantly giving me a rundown of all things bathroom-related so I figured we would give it a try.  After a 5 minute discussion on underwear, who wears them and why she finally was off and running.  2 hours and several failed attempts later D peed on the living room floor.  Break out the Resolve and new undies.  Following a diapered nap, she peed on me and the couch.  Why no rubber pants you ask?  I thought I was above them ......my line of thinking has changed.

We did dance to Beyonce and Avril Lavigne (Just Dance 2 for Wii), have a tea party, paint and watch Sleeping Beauty.  Oh, and Delaney learned how to use chapstick (its great for mohawks) and perfected her evil laugh (Bwah, ha, ha, ha!).  So, thank you Snow Gods for giving me this day with my monkey!

P.S. 7 followers!?  Woo! Hoo! 

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