Sunday, January 23, 2011

One fence climbing dog and a missing barrette

Wow! What a day!  We woke up this morning and decided to head to Delaware Children's Museum, one of our favorite indoor activities.   Great plan, right?   Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Nah, in all honesty it was a great plan.  Just some bumps in the road to getting there.  As we were about to leave we discovered that  LWD (little white dog a.k.a. Chloe) was missing.  Yup, once again she decided to climb the fence and go on an adventure around the neighborhood.  Pretty sure my neighbors cringe every time they have to hear me bellowing "CCCHHHLLLLOOOOEEEE!  CCCHHHLLLLOOOOEEEE! Where are you?" out the front door.  But, seriously the dog CLIMBS the fence?!?  Adam ended up having to go hunting for her.  Lucky dog because I was going to let her spend the day with nature.... 

We finally make it out the door, after an argument with our future fashionista over her pants ("THEY TOO BIG!") and her coat ("NO I DON'T WANT THIS ONE!") and were on our way....kind of...  About 2 blocks away from our house D starts making a choking noise in the backseat.  I turn around and she has her fingers shoved down her throat and no barrette in her hair.  Uh oh!  Where did the barrette go?  And the dialogue is as follows:

"Delaney, where is your barrette?"
"I threw it in the toy basket" (sitting on the car seat)
"It's in the basket?"
"No, I ate it!"
"You ate the barrette?!? Is it in your belly?"

Adam and I look at each other in bewilderment.  Did she really eat it?  Does she understand what I am talking about? Deep breathe, count to 10 and try again...

"Delaney, did you put the barrette in your mouth and eat it like food?"
"Did aliens swoop down and steal your barrette?"
"Yes! Aliens eat my barrette!"
"The aliens ate your barrette?"
"No, Delaney eat the barrette!"
"You ate it?!?"

Great, now we have no clue where the barrette is.  We searched the car and no barrette. No more choking though and D seemed fine, so off to DCM we go.....

Several hours and a great trip to DCM later, still no barrette.  Here's hoping the aliens bring it back, we lose those things all the time!

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  1. Love this one!! Let me know when she poops out that barrette ;)