Saturday, February 5, 2011


Seriously (see there is that word again!) how did I create such a 2 year old fashionista? She has very specific ideas about what she is going to wear or better said what she is NOT going to wear.  This fashionista-mindset has made getting out of the house a bit painful.

This morning Adam was getting Delaney dressed for our trip to the aquarium and this is the conversation I heard from the other room..

"Delaney, you have to wear pants!"
"No, I don't want them!"
"Why not?"
"They don't fit!" ( I had chosen a perfectly well (and cute) fitting pair of jeans for her.)
This was followed by Delaney running in to the living room, pants around her knees screaming "I don't want these pants,  I want the pink ones!"

Mommy to the rescue......

Trying to get out the door, I get the pink ones out. Can you guess what happens??
"No, I don't want the pink ones they don't match!" (She was right, they were a little off!)
"How about the gray ones!"
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" followed by desperate wailing and giant tears.
Oh boy.....count to 10.....

.... but wait we also had to have a discussion over the coat she was wearing, what barrette was going in her hair and the exact placement of the zipper on her jacket. Final result- gray pants, striped shirt, gray sweatshirt (only zipped 3/4 of the way), pink ponytail and green barrette (that required a wrestling move to get in).  Cute? Absolutely, I even think I caught the hippos at the aquarium admiring her!

Now if I could just find something to match my gray hairs.....

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