Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"No, I love you more!"

Random conversations, statements and monkeyism's of the week:

Adam: "Um, D how did you get on the changing table?"
D: "I climbed!"
For lack of better words...DUH!

Me: "D do you want a smoothie?"
Delaney: "No! I don't want a squishy!"
Interesting translation...

D: "What am I doing?"
Me as I am turning to look "I don't know, what are you doing?"
D: "Oh!"
She really needs to learn the potty dance so I can be forewarned of these things!

D on the toilet: "Uh oh, Mommy! I have to wipe my angina!"
Another interesting translation...

 Me: "D we are going to go see J and the baby."
D: "The baby is going to lick me!"
Hmm.. apparently her interaction with babies has been much different than my own..

Pointing to a mole on my face D says "Look Mommy, it's your nipple!"

5 Very important things D learned this week: 1. To raise the roof (Thanks, Daddy!)  2. That going potty is more fun with a book.  3.  That the bathroom has awesome acoustics (We got fantastic video of her singing in the bathroom this week!)  4.  That snuggling is the best! 5.  That she likes ground black pepper...A LOT!

My favorite moment this week?  As I was putting D to bed one night I said "Goodnight, I love you!" and D grabbed my face between her two little hands and pulled my face to hers and said "No, I love you more!".  Oh little girl, if you only knew just how much I love you.  You make more possible everyday.....


  1. Good stuff... I can only imagine the things 'A' teaches her. Keep up the blogging, it's highly entertaining.

  2. I love your quote on your header (on top)! Great!!! SO true!