Thursday, February 10, 2011

Old McDonald's

Alright, I can hear some of you right now "You take D to McDonald's?! Ewww!".  Well stop your judging right now!  Picking D up from daycare is an 80 minute round trip for me, so we make some sacrifices.  Plus if I didn't go I wouldn't have this funny story to share, so read on... 

 Tonight was our first time visiting a McD's Play Land (PL from here on out).  What an adventure!

Short story
I learned that a mother/daughter trip to McDonald's Play Land = a fattening dinner, a vomit-inducing experience, humiliation and one very happy 2 year old.

Long Story

We arrive at "Old McDonald's" (yes, that is what D calls it), stride past the food counter and straight in to PL.  Upon entering I learn that PL is a freezing cold, plastic monstrosity that is probably a breeding ground for germs we don't even know exist.  BLEH!  But, like a true American mom, I take off her shoes and send her in.  We were the only ones there so D was crawling around, waving and calling to me.  Super cute!  Then I hear "CRUNCH!".  Me- "D what was that?"  "CRUNCH!"  Then her little head peeks around the tunnel corner and in her hand I see a fistful of french fries.  AHHH!?!?  Remember the part where we strode past the food counter!  Those are not her french fries!   "Delaney, drop the french fries they are dirty!" D- "CRUNCH!", followed by a huge grin.   Ugh! Don't mind Mommy she is just dry heaving!

You know what happens next right?  I HAVE TO CLIMB IN THE TUNNEL! Did I mention I came from work?  Or that my pants today were a little tighter than I prefer?  Seriously, it was like stuffing a sausage.  Enough said...

For those of you who are wondering, I did retrieve D and the french fries.  My best estimate would be that they were about a week old.  .........there goes that dry heaving again! 

We went on to have a fab mother/daughter dinner, once we got out of the PL.  To top it all of, when she went to bed tonight D said "I love you Mommy, thank you for taking me to see Old McDonald".  All is right with the world, well except that I will never get the image of her shoving those crusty old fries in her mouth out of my head (shudder).  Next time we are eating in the car!

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