Monday, April 9, 2012

A pictoral debut...

This picture can best be explained with the following caption:
"Reason #42 three year olds don't make the best babysitters (even for a 30 second bathroom trip)."

Other amusing captions created at the expense of my children:
"Sydney's Elton John starter kit!"
"Delaney's humble beginnings as a costumer."
"My futures so bright, I gotta wear shades!"
"These are the same glasses my Mom wore on her 21st birthday! She thought they were funny then too!"
"I am waiting for someone to fan me with grape leaves and feed me bon-bons."
"Well, hello daaaahhhhling!"
"Really?!? You guys think this is funny?  Imagine how you would feel if someone put sunglasses on you and you had no motor skills to remove them.  Would that be funny to you?"
"If you know my Mimi, then you can guess who bought these glasses!"
"Being a big sister is so cool, you get to totally embarass your younger sibling!"


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