Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shower Talk

You often hear stay at home mothers say "I didn't even have time to shower today!".  I always thought this was bull but as I make my way through my first few weeks as a stay at home summer mom I am rethinking.  My days between showers are growing and I find myself filling the kiddie pool more frequently so I can consider that my daily shower without guilt or grass stuck to my backside.

Tonight after D's first soccer practice in the bug-ridden swamp of a park we desperately needed to de-louse. In an effort to multi-task I had D jump in the tub with me.  Normally she plays with her toys while I do my thing, then begrudgingly lets me wash her hair and body while she screams that I am spraying water in her eyes.  Nice, calm shower for all.  Tonight she wanted to talk and it made me yearn for that shrieking kid with water in her eyes. 

D: What's that thing on your belly?
Me: That's a tattoo.
D: Why does it look like that?
Me: Like what?
D: Funny and all squishy-like.
Me: Life lesson kid don't get a tattoo on your lower abdominal area at 18 if you plan on having kids.  It ends up "funny and squishy-like".
D:  Eww!

Thinking the conversation is over I return to removing the layer of grime left from the park.  I close my eyes and step under the spray.  When I re-open them D is staring at me in horror.

D: Whoa, Mom!  Your belly is fat!
Me: Gee, thanks!

I turn around signaling an end to this self-image crushing body critique.

Me: What?! What's wrong??
D: Your belly is fat but your berhind is HUGE!

So I count to 10 and remind myself to be thankful for what I have...a tattoo that has the unique qualities of "funny and squishy-like" and a belly that is fat but not as huge as my ass. And next time I bathe (notice I didn't say tomorrow because it most likely will not be) I will be thankful for my solo shower. The hell if she is getting in there with me again.  I'm petrified of her observations while shaving my legs!


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