Thursday, July 12, 2012

The difference between 1 and 2

Since the birth of S,  people have asked two questions 1. "Is it hard having two children" and 2. "What's different?".  Today, in a rare moment of quiet, I really thought about these questions and what I have learned over the past four months.  

1. Of course its hard.  Being a parent to any number of children is hard and always will be.  I don't believe that the number of children makes a difference (excluding Octomom and her herd).  You are responsible for molding a person(s) who will be judged by the world.  No pressure, just don't screw it up.  Luckily, there are things like wine, chocolate and the sweet laugh of your little ones to counterbalance.  

2. The difference between being a mommy to one and a mommy to two is you become a doer instead of a thinker.  You don't have the time to research, investigate and weigh your options- you just do "it" ("it" ranging from choosing diapers to feeding schedules).  Miraculously you learn #2 is alright without all that thinking.

As my #1, the list of things D has taught me is enormous.  Here is a snippet: 

-a smile really can light up a room

-no diaper is leak-proof and nothing is child-proof

-it is possible to swallow a dime

-pirouetting is much cooler than walking

-your child can be smarter than you (even at age 3 1/2)

-some books deserve to be read 63 times a week

-sleep and showering do not have to happen daily

-no one really cares what your kids are wearing

-life may be a bumpy journey, but a hug and an Eskimo kiss make the bumps more tolerable

-a mother's love is stronger than any other

 Thank you, D for inspiring and guiding me to be more of a "take action momma".  I hope you are enjoying the ride as much as I am and thanks for making room for S on the seat. 

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