Monday, April 25, 2011

Monkey Love

Now to follow up my recent sappy (yet totally true!) post...

A Few Signs of  Monkey Love

1.  Your monkey regurgitates their food and hands it to you at the dinner table...and you graciously take it and tuck it in a napkin.

2.  You wear a tutu on one leg while playing dress-up because it doesn't fit around your waist.

3.  You never go to the bathroom alone. EVER!

4.  You dance to "Animal Action" 8 times in a row.

5.  You make up "Once Upon A Time" stories about each member of the family, including the dog, at bed time. 

6.  You pretend to like bugs, worms and "Max and Ruby". 

7.  You squeeze yourself on to the slide that your behind is way to wide for, much to the amusement of the neighbors. 

8.  You smile and say "It's okay!", when your monkey pees on the floor instead of the toilet..AGAIN. 

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