Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random thoughts and moments in the life Goodwin

-If you currently have the ability to bend at the waist- be thankful!  For those of us who cannot, Christmas decorating is extremely difficult.

- Pregnancy exhaustion makes you do really attractive things like fall asleep sitting up in a chair at 8:30 PM on a Saturday night (date night) with drool hanging from your wide-open mouth.

-Pregnancy "brain" makes you do really ridiculous things like teach your Kindergarten class that George Washington is on the nickel, throw your jewelry in the trash and put your trash on your nightstand and forget the name of common objects like fork or spoon. 

-Nesting for me = crawling on the floor picking up miniscule specks of dirt the vacuum missed and an  obsession with bleach.

-It is possible to remove the roll from toilet paper rolls completely intact- just as Delaney.

-Having a toddler who thinks they have a baby in their belly too leads to interesting conversation at daycare.

-The age of 3 is certainly challenging and I have to frequently remind myself that Delaney is 3, not 14.  I commented on this out to dinner the other night by saying to my hubby "I'm not so sure I like the age of 3." To which Delaney responded, "Well, that's a problem!".

-Santa is a confusing concept to a 3yr old.  Delaney is a bit scared by the man with a big white beard who is always watching her.  Tonight before bed she whispers to me "Mommy, Santa was here!  Look at my dresser- he stole my jewelry box!".  Oops! I put the jewelry box in the closet to make room for something else on her dresser.  I'll let the man in the red suit take the blame for now.  He's going to get all the credit for the great gifts I bought so it's only fair :)

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