Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pregnancy Round 2

Monkey Momma Revelations 13 weeks into "Pregnancy Round 2".

1.  The need to clean and organize is extreme.  In the past week, I have created a picture-based organization system for the toys and tupperware, spent an hour putting away groceries and "rotating stock" in the refrigerator and cleaned my couches by hand with the 2 inch wide brush attachment of my steam cleaner. 

2. Your body does not forget what it means to be pregnant and loves to show it off.  In other words, you have more morning sickness, your belly starts to stick out sooner, the need to pee is more frequent and your back starts to ache sooner.

3. The 1st trimester is much easier when you only have to take care of yourself.  The 2nd time around your monkey watches a little more TV than you may be proud of, the laundry you put in the washer but forgot about becomes moldy and "dinner" becomes whatever you can put together in under 10 minutes. 

4. The creator of prenatal vitamins is a masochist.  This is why he created these large pills for  you to choke down only to feel sick two minutes later from taking them.

5.  You feel guilty and worry that you won't have quite as much time to spend with your monkey when a new little one arrives. You lavish so much attention on them now that they roll their eyes after the 78th hug and kiss of the day. 

6.  People automatically think that you are hoping for the opposite sex of your first child.  Truly, I am hoping for a happy, healthy baby who doesn't inherit my frizzy hair.

7.  You wonder how you are going to do it least 1,354,629 times a day.

8.  Pregnancy 1- "I don't even miss drinking!"
     Pregnancy 2- "I could use a tequila shot!"

9.  Crying over all things ridiculous is okay and to be expected.   For example, I cried this week because Delaney was invited to her first school friend birthday party.  This was a monumentous "big girl" event for me.  Delaney just wanted to know if they were going to have a princess birthday cake. 

10. You are working at about 50% brainpower.  This week I fed the dog a prenatal vitamin instead of her pill.  I have no clue how she choked it down, but her fur is nice and shiny!

11. You tear up (yup, another reason to cry) when you recall all those sweet moments you share with a newborn baby and wish you could speed the pregnancy calendar up a little. 

Disclaimer: Don't freak out people! I am THRILLED to be pregnant for the 2nd time! The intent of this post  is not to discourage someone from having a 2nd child or to complain about being pregnant- this is simply my comedic relief in regards to the quirks of pregnancy.  I cannot wait to welcome a new little monkey to the world March 2012! 

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  1. You captured so much of what everyone feels! I just remember after kid 1, kid 2, and kid 3... I couldn't believe they were letting us take this kid home from the hospital. Seriously, we don't know what we are doing! ~ Heather