Saturday, May 21, 2011

D is for "Dime Delaney Digested"

That's right, ladies and gentleman, I am in the presence of a real, live piggy bank.  At least for the next 24-48 hours according to the doctor. 

Delaney walks in to the room this morning and she is coughing.  She kind of scowls and says "I think the penny is in my belly now!".  Of course my reaction is "WHAT?!?!".  She continues on to tell me that she found the "penny" on the floor in my room and it was "a circle" and it was the color "gray" and "it went downed my throat into my belly".  While I appreciate the awesome description it is a believable story which leads me to call Daddy and tell him we are headed to the ER.

One hour in and out of the ER and we have an x-ray picture for the baby book of the swallowed penny (which according to description is more likely a dime) and are anxiously awaiting the exit of the coin.  I am happy to report Delaney continues to be her happy, funny self and refuses to allow the swallowing of a foreign object to slow her down.

ER visits to date: 2

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